This website is designed and maintained by Peter, G0KUX on behalf of Southgate Amateur Radio Club.

In true amateur spirit, the website is hosted on my own server located at my home QTH in London with a back up in Lancashire.

Website was developed using Microsoft Expression Web 4 and hosted on a Raspberry Pi3B+ in London and a Raspberry Pi3A+ in Lancashire, both running the Apache2 web server.

Internet connection is via 3 on the mobile phone network.

Power to the server and internet router is via small solar power plants, 350W of solar panels and 2 x 50AH AGM 12V batteries in London and 120W of solar panels and 90AH SLA 12V battery in Lancashire.

Domain names are those provided by Dyndns and NoIp.

To the best of my knowledge, information provided on this site is accurate at the time of website creation.

For additions or suggestions regarding this website please email me.


Last updated September 2021.